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Our Story

Our Story

Founded by Amy and Josh Stottlemyer, Stottle Winery was established through a passion for wine and the simple pleasures of life. We believe that each wine is an expression of all of the things that influence the grape on its journey from vine to wine. Our duty as winemaker is to bring out the greatest expression of each of the elements that touch the grape in its life. The quality of the soils, the intensity of the sun, the cooling influence of the mountains and rivers, and the care and skill of the grower all lend subtle influences to a wine. Like a sculptor must find the statue incased in the stone, so must a winemaker find the perfect expression of that grape.


Winemaker - Josh Stottlemyer

Founder and winemaker Josh Stottlemyer is the force behind the complex and nuanced wines of Stottle Winery. After selling his successful web development and internet marketing firm he took his passion for wine to the next level enrolling at the Northwest Wine Academy in Seattle where he completed their two year winemaking program. The Northwest Wine Academy features a full working teaching winery and instructors who were leaders in the Washington industry. Josh also holds a bachelors of science from the University of Minnesota where he studied chemistry and geology.


Stottle's Vineyards

Our fruit comes from several different vineyards. The skill of the growers and the quality of the terrior is readily apparent in each of our wines.


Elerding Canyon Vineyard - Yakima Valley AVA
This vineyard, where we source our Viognier, is just Southwest of Prosser and features the second oldest Viognier wines in Washington state. These vines are cropped to about 2.5 tons per acre which intensifies the flavors and complexity of the wines we make using these grapes.

6 Prong Vineyard (formerly Elerding 6 Prong) - Horse Heaven Hills AVA
This highly sought after old vine vineyard sits next to the Columbia River Gorge with its moderating winds, warm days and cool nights; it provides an ideal location for growing many grape varietals. Many of the varieties in this vineyard are among the oldest vines of their type in the State. Our Malbec, Syrah, Mourvedre, Tempranillo, and Sangiovese come from these venerable vines.

Marcela Vineyard - Yakima Valley AVA
We source Roussanne and Merlot from this wonderful little vineyard located just outside of Zilla. The Roussanne vines here naturally produce less then 2 tons per acre intensifying the flavors of this highly sensitive grape.  The Merlot is old vine and creates a wonderfully complex and consisten wine.

Dineen Vineyard - Yakima Valley AVA
Located just outside of Zilla, WA Dineen vineyard is know for supplying many of the best boutique wineries in Washington.  The vines are perfectly manicured and create some of the best wine grapes in Washington.  We source our Cabernet Sauvignon from this vineyard.


Stottle Winery

Our winery and main tasting room is located in Lacey, WA just off I5 and north of the state capital, Olympia. We are located in a mixed use business park where we take advantage of the commercial facilities and easy access. Salish Sea Distillery makes it's home, right next to us, Axis Meads is just in front of us, and Top Rung Brewery is just around the corner.


Stottle's Tasting Rooms

In addition to our main tasting room at the winery in Lacey, we also have a tasting room in the quaint town of Hoodsport on the Hood Canal and scenic Highway 101.

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